The Buzz About Fantasy Baseball

Spring Training in Florida and Arizona is quickly wrapping up, and that means that fantasy baseball fanatics everywhere are preparing for an action packed season to come. With this coming MLB season shaping up to have competitive races in both divisions, with top players abounding, it will take some work to field that one fantasy team that outshines all the rest. For all of the buzz surrounding fantasy baseball, players will certainly want to check back to this website frequently for the latest updates and information surrounding the competition. To get things started this week before opening day, following is some information to get you ready for the big event.


This section alone should keep you coming back on a regular basis to see what is happening in Fantasy Baseball. The big news leading up to the start of this year’s edition of fantasy baseball is the draft. Naturally, this is the buzz surrounding the game this time every season, and this one is no different. Trying to pick that special player or two that will really pad the results over the long season is the goal of every fantasy baseball fanatics far and wide. The three big names this year are Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Paul Goldschmidt. We know that, so the news now shifts to those lesser-drafted players in the top positions that will make waves and make you look like a genius. It is equally important to avoid disappointments in the drafting process, and staying abreast of the latest news can help you in that regard. For the latest buzz on mlb lineups, make sure to stay up to date. One of our favorite sites for the fastest and most reliable mlb dfs lineups is


To begin every season, there are rumors that abound surrounding the upcoming draft, who to pick, and who to shy away from. This largely comes on the heel of spring training performances, combined with the end of the last season. The reality is, however, that it is often a guessing game when predicting how the rest of the field is going to fare, about from the elite that is. Everyone is looking for the next Bryce Harper or Paul Goldschmidt, and when they find him their lips are usually tied. We work hard to analyze these rumors and present them to readers in a quick snapshot format. As an example, one possibility this year is Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. Playing right field, he is fresh off a great season in South Beach that has him going for 60 homers and 130 RBU’s if he would have stayed healthy. That is the question mark for him moving forward.

Waiver Wire

Players to add mid-season are always worth considering, so you will want to keep your eye on the waiver wire from time to time. Even elite players sometimes just do not work out for a particular team, for one reason or another, so another team might be to cash in big. By keeping abreast of players that clear waivers, you might just find an open position in your fantasy line up, so do not discount this important aspect of a long season.

Mock Drafts

From time to time, it is helpful to see how simulated drafts play out. Similar to researching the lines and game predictions, assembling a fantasy team requires much foresight and ingenuity. In the end, however, the numbers do not lie. A mock draft can prove to be a most useful piece of information in gauging the potential success of your eventual draft. By checking back on this site frequently, you can get a snapshot of these mock drafts and how they compare to your own picks. You might just pick up a thing or two that will benefit the eventual line up that you decide upon.

Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Offers

Daily fantasy sports is going through a transition as we speak and sites are struggling to stay afloat. However, there are a few sites that look poised to make a push in 2016. One such site is Fantasy Draft. By offering a Fantasy Draft promo code for 100% deposit match, users are compensated heavily to make a deposit and it's paying off. Players on the site are way up and prize pools look good. We foresee Fantasy Draft becoming a force over the next year in the DFS space.